RcG Informacijske tehnologije d.o.o. was founded in 1989. It was offering accounting services, freight forwarding and various software solutions that were written in COBOL/Clipper/TSQL and were running in HP3000 enviroment. Accounting services and freight forwarding was spun-off during the ninties as company decided to focus on development of software solutions. Several program client-server solution emerged as a result of the new strategy. Solutions like Saturn (material management), Luna (accounting), Merkur (newspaper ads management) are still in use today. With the emergence of the internet we decided to focus our development on internet based solutions. Initial work began in 1997 which eventually led to the development of our internet framework RcG.Assist. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge business software solutions and related services that enable customers to streamline their business at all levels. We are commited to the quality of our software for which we have obtained the certificate ISO 9001:2008.


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