RcG.Assist is web framework for development of various IT solutions for business process management.

Advanced design system allows:

  • Shorter time-to-deploy the solution
  • Cost-effective  custom solutions
  • Handling multiple processes simultaneously
  • High degree of safety and reliability
  • Quick and user-friendly effective use
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • Simple integration with other software solutions

RcG.Assist framework is a result of years of development. It is powerful, secure and flexible.

Multilingual User Interface enables the use in multinational enviroment. Language can be set for:

  • User
  • User group
  • Virtual organization


Service-oriented architecture enables easier integration into existing IT enviroment of each client.


RcG.Assist framework has many build-in features that enable rapid development and customization of process management solutions:

  • Form Designer for creating Web forms quicky and easily, without programming
  • Data Field Builder
  • Workflow Management Tool; automatic routing of service request according to predefined parameters and priorities.
  • Communications engine (e-mail integration, notify, SMS)
  • Tool for creating virtual organizational units
  • Menu Editor
  • Advanced Datagrid (selecting, sorting, filtering, pivot tables, exporting to Microsoft Excel and Open office)
  • Microsoft Active Directory Synchronization Agent
  • Data Dictionary Ttoll (multilingual translation) when it comes to pre-set values.

RcG.Assist easily integrates with different IT solution and adapts to various business systems.



Integration is possible through:

  • Web services
  • Standatd data interfaces (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, MySQL
  • FTP

RcG.Assist framework requires the following system software:

  • Web server: Microsoft IIS 6.0
  • Data Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Client: Internet Explorer 8*


*Web platform also performs in Mozila Firefox and Google Chrome with installed IE plug-in.


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