Extensive experience gained through the implementation of IT solutions in various industries allows us to know the function and requirements of most processes taking place in business. We operate in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Consulting services are aimed at improving the functioning of business processes by using best practices for the management of certain process. Our cross-industry expertise allows us to give each customer a value and know-how about process transformation.  Users of our software are becoming a regulated entity in terms of business risk management and provide confidence and security to the customers.


Use of RcG.Assist is not limited just on current business processes; it also allows further development of IT solution, which is very adaptable to actual needs of the client.


We have extensive experience in the management of the following business processes.


  • Trade Receivable Managements, including credit insurance, receivables management services, receivables solutions, receivable recover and collection service, management of enforcement on court in financial sector.
  • Service Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Customer Relations Management


Most human resources in the company are focused on research and development of modern concepts of software solutions.


We aim to develop:

  • Web platform RcG.Assist
  • Bussiness solution requested by customer
  • New functionality within existing applications


Business solution requested by customer is intended for customers who need specialized solution for managing business processes. Such solutions are tied to the specific requirements that do not meet with standardized solutions.

Standardized business solution can be completed and improved with new functionalities. Additional features are associated with specific customer requirements, which can be integrated into existing business.

The whole process of development takes place in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, which ensures that the development of business solutions are carried out professionally and with minimal risk for customer.


We provide a comprehensive and professional support service. Our support service offers access to Helpdesk and remote assistance. User support service is intended to eliminate malfunctions on application, elimination of errors caused by users and complies with request for modification on application.


On workshops, we can present the bases of our IT solution. This is the fastest, least expensive way to improve implementation of new business solution. Workshops are milestones for successful implementation and one of key factors that influence on the success and satisfaction of all users. Due to stuff turnover and constant functionality upgrading regular workshops are recommended.

We provide end-user and administrative training, if necessary, adjusted to individual enterprise and knowledge of users.


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