Business Solutions

RcG.Assist business solutions are used by many companies in Slovenia and abroad for managing different business procceses.

RcG.Assist web framework enables simultaneous use of different solutions thus lowering licensing and maintanance costs.

RcG.Assist solutions are used for:

  • Trade Receivable Management, including credit insurance, receivables management services, receivables solutions, receivable recover and collection service, management of enforcement on court, capital market collateralization in financial sector.
  • Sales and after sales Mmanagment in automotive industry.
  • Project management software
  • Human Resources Managemant
  • IT, legal and various helpdesk for employees or clients.
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Project Management

Use of RcG.Assist is not limited just to these processes, but is possible to create a suitable IT solution for any business processes.


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