Our support service allows :


  • Capture off all reported bugss in one place
  • Solution Validation
  • Evaluation of end-user satisfaction with service quality

Access to support services is provided to all authorized users. Each user has certain rights, depending on their work field.

Error and request notification takes place through three channels:

  • Helpdesk
  • E-mail
  • Telephone

Authorized person should report incidents and /or claims directly to Helpdesk. If access to Helpdesk is denied, the second channel can be used but only via secure web connection: address is helpdesk@assist.si.

Notification via telephone is possible only if first two channels are out of order.

We assure automatic notifications to keep administrators and end-users updated with resolution status. Only authorized persons can monitor all incidents from their own company and they can also monitor the status of settlement. Whenever change of status is made notifier is informed via e-mail.

Whenever the person responsible for dealing with incident change status into “solution delivered”, the system requires for approval or disapproval and the notifier should evaluate the work of solver.


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